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ANU joins Advance HE ‘Assessment Torch Relay’

Although the origins of Advance HE were founded on the UK’s higher education system, its mission is now more broadly based. ANU was a forerunner in promoting Advance HE’s global reach and continues to take an active interest in advancing the Australasian network.  

As an accredited institution, ANU fosters its own local community; ensuring our Fellows are engaged and building on our shared commitment to Higher Education. Through recent re-accreditation processes, it has become clear that ANU, through its Education Fellowship Scheme (EFS), can make more of ‘Membership Benefits’ coordinated by Advance HE on a global scale. As Fellows of the Higher Education Academy, there’s an extensive and open invitation to connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

One example of such an invitation is Advance HE’s “Assessment Torch Relay” running throughout July. By way of background, the concept arose from worldwide ‘assessment challenges’ faced by colleagues responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. To map the diversity of responses, Advance HE crowd-sourced examples to form a snapshot of pandemic assessment practices.  

Having gathered the artefacts (being short videos, texts or posters), Advance HE is now progressively publishing them in the Olympic tradition of a Torch Relay. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Dr Carol Hayes (Principal Fellow HEA) accepted the invitation and posted her contribution, which will go live on 23 July. With just days to go, the relay has reached Brisbane and entices your active interest at this link to an interactive map.

If you are interested in becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) provides educators (including support staff) with internationally-accredited professional recognition of their experience and expertise in university education. All EFS information is now at

July 2021

Tim Grace is the Manager of the Education Communities and Environments team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching.  

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  1. I read of the Advance HE ‘Assessment Torch Relay’ on social media and could not understand what it was about. I now have read the ANU post and still can’t understand what it is about. I am familiar with Advance HE, being an ANU FHEA. Also I am “familiar with follow the sun” events, is that what the torch relay is?

    ps: The Torch Relay was introduced at the Berlin 1936 Olympics.

    1. Tom, it is a metaphor. The relay element of the torch’s journey, passing the baton, is mimicked by progressively publishing each video/featured post from a different educator, three or four each day, to correspond to an imagined progress from town to town, country to country – see map above. More posts will appear in the final week, leading up to a “closing ceremony” (an online gathering in Topia).

      The communication device is similar to an Advent calendar, which also seems to be German in origin, but Lutherans rather than Nazis. Progressive release means attention can be focussed on one assessment design at a time, but also all past releases can be reviewed. HTH.

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