Dr Katerina Kormusheva

Research School of Management,
ANU College of Business and Economics

“To transfer knowledge from one person to another, it takes a lot more passion. It takes a lot more dedication. It takes a lot more knowledge. That is one of the underestimated factors of the teaching career and the teaching profession. It’s opened my eyes a lot for what teaching requires, and I have even greater respect for the greatest educators that we have in ANU. “Dr Katerina Kormusheva

“The thing that probably inspires me the most is to see the spark in the students. After we do a lecture or we have a guest speaker, when the students start lining up to ask me questions, sometimes it takes 15 minutes extra after the end of the lecture, or when they later write me an email… Generally see them making connections between the things that we do in the classroom and their real life and the real opportunities, that is the greatest gratitude that you can feel as a teacher. “Dr Katerina Kormusheva