Lunch Vox series

Lunch Vox Series

To satisfy your midday appetite for conversations about current issues in education, the Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) is hosting a series of campus conversations. To be known as the ANU Lunch Vox, the webinar series will bring together a panel of local voices with something to say about topical matters of interest to ANU teachers and students.

We would be delighted to have your company in this series, and for you to share your voice from your vantage point, expressing your unique experiences and insights regarding teaching transitions.

There will be opportunities for you to share your voice through a Q&A session with the panellists, after all, what’s a lunch vox without hearing from everyone? Reserve your seat at the table now.


Lunch Vox #6 : This edition will be a collaboration with ANU Experience Accelerator and will focus on the topic of  "in your students’ shoes"

This session will happen on 12 August 2021 

Registration Opening Soon

Recordings + Reflections

Watch the video and read our wrap-up from previous sessions.